Years of solving out of this world problems using and developing technology places Tech International in a strategic position to provide your best option for a partner in solving your most complicated tasks, local or international.

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Tech International leverages its international network and brings to the table the best of the best from around the world.  It brings talent, creativity, diverse cultures and thus innovation.

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Tech International is your partner of choice to successfully develop Technology and/or International projects.  From Technology related projects to International Marketing Campaigns.

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Your Main Message

Tech International has gathered the most talented consultants from around the world but has never relinquished values and family unity.  You will enjoy working with our team.

Luis E. Velasco has worked for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory since 2004 and has a carrier of 20+ years.  His most recent challenge and pride is the Mars 2020 Mission.

The Tech International team is committed not only to excellence and expedience on our projects but to a never wearing STEM outreach and motivational program around world.  We all believe in "Big Science", "Technology" and in "Dare Mighty Thing".  Luis E. Velasco leads the effort!

Our closest collaborator and partner in U.S.A. and in particular in the Los Angeles, CA area for projects related to Science, Education, Tourism, Art, Culture, Economic Development and Event Planning is the Mundo Maya Foundation.

Next Steps...

Partner with Tech International for your next Technological, Economic Development, or Educational project and work as with family and with the talent you need.  International campaigns are no exception!!